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Way more than a phone company!

Your customers expect to reach you at their convenience, from any device, at any time.  Is your communications platform ready to handle messaging, voice, and video in one seamless application?  You need StratusTalk.

What is VoIP?



Communications at your desktop

Get SMS/MMS, in-company messaging, voicemails, or even place and receive calls!  You can do it all with the StratusTalk desktop application, running on Windows and MacOS.  Built on the same VPN privacy technology that makes our platform so secure, you can revel in the HIPAA compliance of encrypted communications.

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Android and iOS

Communications at your fingertips

What you can do on a desktop, you can do in an app.  Get SMS/MMS, in company messaging, place calls from your office number.  Don't ever expose your personal cell number to a client again!  You can also manage your voicemail, manage your call records, and get that promotion.  Last part is up to you.

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We do desk phones too!

We offer models from Yealink and Fanvil, two high-end manufacturers with built in VPN security required to operate on our network.  From entry level two line phones, to touchscreen hotel units with hundreds of extension keys - we can fit any need.

From the old analog door buzzer and outdoor loudspeaker to screen pops with your CRM we will integrate with it!  

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Our Guarantees to You

We Take Pride

StratusTalk provides High Touch, High Value customer service. When you receive a phone we provide hands on customer service and implementation. If you have remote locations we can ship direct to your users with a single page, easy to understand directions for your employees.  It is as easy as plugging in a power cord and a network cable. We will be with you every step of the way.

We Provide Value

We focus on call quality, redundancy and world class infrastructure so you don't have to worry about losing that next call. Providing “never lose a call” call routing so if you lose power or connection, your call will always be answered.

We Are Reliable

We built our platform on the most trusted infrastructure platform in the world. In case of power outage your calls can be directed to your mobile phones.  In some cases major storms have knocked out cellular networks. In this case the call goes to voicemail on our secure infrastructure and is delivered to your email instantaneously. Desk, Mobile, VM or Email, we get the communication through.

Get an in-person demo of our services

We know nothing beats an in-person demonstration.  We have reps ready to visit your location, test your network, and show you how integrated communications can SAVE YOU MONEY while STREAMLINING YOUR PROCESSES. 

Give us 30 minutes to save you 25%.

Do you care about your customers?

Don't make them suffer through poor audio, one-way audio, dropped calls, and busy signals!  StratusTalk's next generation network bypasses all of these traditional problems to provide secure, stable, and worry-free voice, video, and messaging.


Intelligent Traffic Control 

Take advantage of our SDN services to ensure your communications traffic is prioritized.   Our intelligent traffic management will make all of your Internet traffic flow more efficiently, and make audio/video issues a distant memory.

absurd -security

Absurd Security

Every message, every call, even video is encrypted multiple times between endpoints.  Every endpoint is identified by cryptographic signature.  Fraud can't find a foothold in our network, making us HIPAA trusted  by providers in healthcare, legal, and any industry where privacy and authentication is paramount.


Money in the bank

We simply won't let price be the issue.  We are so sure we can save you at least 25% over your current bill, we guarantee it.  Show us what you pay and we will make a proposal you can't refuse.

Successfully handled over 100M business calls


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Choose Your Plan

From startups with no office to full multi-campus solutions, we have you covered.  Choose a base system that meets your needs, add seats and services a' la carte 



$ 29


  • Keep your number / get a new one
  • Auto Attendant / Cell Fwd
  • Inbound SMS to email
  • One mobile app license
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$ 129


  • Keep your number / get a new one
  • Auto Attendant / Voicemail to Email
  • Inbound SMS to email
  • 3 desk phones (up to 20)
  • 10G Voicemail Storage
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$ 199


  • Unlimited inbound numbers
  • Multi-site, High Availability
  • Inbound / Outbound SMS
  • 6 desk phones (up to 100)
  • 30G Voicemail Storage
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$ 10


  • Clean Design - branded phones
  • PMS Integration
  • Housekeeping Controls
  • Helpdesk for guests
  • Onsite or fully virtual
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